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“Website” means, “Customer,” “You,” “Your” or “Yours” means and refers to You and/or any other person or entity submitting the Order to the Website or otherwise to the Company on Your behalf. “Company,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our,” means and refers to PHDKING.  “Product” or “Order” means any transaction that you make and/or submit through the Website or otherwise with the Company.


The Products delivered to You are completely original in compliance with general academic requirements, and are and remain the property of the commissioned writer, and You agree and warrant that they are intended only for Your own personal use, and they shall not be copied, reproduced, republished, posted, displayed, transmitted, downloaded or uploaded and/or distributed by You in any manner or respect whatsoever.


Your privacy and security are considered strictly confidential, and Your personal information is kept secure as set forth in Our Privacy Policy. Please see Our Privacy Policy on Our Website for further details. Our Privacy Policy is incorporated into these Terms and Conditions, and made a part hereof.


Your request of revision must be sent via email to

Should You have a legitimate concern regarding a purchased Product, You will have a period of seven days within which to request a free revision in accordance with the revision procedures set forth on the Website. This is a service that We provide to help ensure Your total satisfaction with Your completed Order. To receive this free revision, it is mandatory that You contact the Company within seven days after You have received the Product created for Your Order. The Company will only give You a free revision should we find Your request valid. This policy will not extend past this seven day time period. In addition, should Your concern regarding a purchased Product or Your request for a revision not be deemed legitimate under Your Order and the Company’s policies regarding completion of Orders set forth in these Terms and Conditions, and within the Company’s sole discretion, and should You nevertheless wish a revision to be made, the Company will advise You of the cost of the revision before commencing work. All Revisions will be returned to You within three (3) days of the Company accepting Your request, unless the number of pages or extent of revisions require otherwise, in which case the Company will advise You of the appropriate time period for delivery of the revisions to You. You may request further free revisions should You have a further legitimate concern regarding the final Product, but the validity of the request is again subject to the Company’s sole discretion regarding the validity of Your concern. For Your information, based on Our experience, and the vast experience of Our writers, we normally consider any requests for more than three (3) successive free revisions to be excessive without extenuating circumstances. You can always request additional revisions according to the applicable rate, and the Company will provide a quote for revisions.


The company are an agency. The company match writer for you. The company will only charge 5% of the your payment/order as a service fee, and the remaining 95% will be transferred to the writer on behalf of you.  The company is not responsible for the performance of the writer's service.
All Product is for reference only, if it is used for other purposes, the company is not responsible for it.
By submitting an Order and/or payment, You are purchasing a limited personal non-transferable license from commissioned writer for a single use of the Product for Your own personal, noncommercial use only, which limited license, and any rights associated therewith are not assignable or otherwise transferable by You. 
You may not under any circumstances resell or transfer any rights to the Product to any person or entity, and any such sale or transfer is void and of no force or effect, and any attempt to do so will constitute a violation of these Terms and Conditions. 
All Products and all intellectual property rights inherent therein, derived therefrom and appurtenant thereto are and at all times remain owned by the commissioned writer, and to the extent any Products are created by freelance writers, such writers have transferred all ownership, rights, title and interest, if any, regarding the Products to the commissioned writer. 

You agree that you will provide a PDF or WORD file with clear content, and the company will not be responsible for the your academic results because of any images with unclear content, non-frontal pictures and low-resolution pictures.
Payments for all Products are non-refundable and come with no warranties, expressed or implied, except as otherwise set forth below or on the Website.


In view of the differences in the grading criteria of various educational institutions. In the interest of fairness, in the event of a dispute over the results, the company has the right to request a written debate on the relevant educational institutions.


If the relevant writer's porducts, papers, exams or homework reference texts fail to help you to achieve the specified grades, you must provide HongKong ID cards, student ID cards and relevant score sheets to prove that the relevant scores belong to you.  Once the document is confirmed, the company will refund the service fee within three months and collect the payment from the commissioned writer on behalf of you.  The company will recover the money on behalf of you within ability, and the company will not be responsible for its success or failure.

​Please send relevant supporting documents to .


By using the Website or any of Our services, or by making a payment to the Company You acknowledge that You have read these Terms and Conditions, and You agree to be and are bound by them.

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